Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Three Months

Sorry no pictures from Josh today.  Caley sent me a few pictures and I will put them in her blog.

Today marks three months on the mission. But it definately does not feel like three months, I feel like I just got here today. But I am loving every second of it. 

two strange things happened this week. First, I got cat called by some ladies on the street. They whistled at me and tried speaking to me in english, but it was not anything offensive, just really funny to me. Second, we have an investigator who really likes my hair, she used to cut hair, but now owns a shop downtown. She loves the color and the texture. 

Also, I flew over my handlebars this week, but thankfully I didnt get injured. I was riding my bike, hit the brakes, flew over, tumbled (which I learned how to do from my mom, how to crash a bike) and popped up with a sore knee. There were some people passing by asking me if I was okay and I told them I was fine and I am going to walk now. Elder Gadelha almost had a panick attack because he thought I broke something. But I have to say, it was kind of fun, in the adrenaline kind of way. But I can walk and ride a bike so no preocupados. 

We had a Family Home evening based on the sectors of Piduco. Family Home Evening was established by the Church to strengthen families, basically, one day of the week, usually monday, families have a lesson, activity, and have fun together for an hour or so. We did this on a Thursday and had some members, and some of their friends show up. We taught about baptism, the sacrament, and repentence. Then we played a game, talked, and ate cake. 

On saturdays, we have an english class, and afterwards, we play soccer, and I learned that the bishop is incredible in this sport. He is in his late 20's, pretty short, but is a monster in this game, he scored every point for his team. He cannot be defeated. But he is an awesome guy and really helpful in the work here in Piduco.

This week was really uplifiting, relaxed, and a little crazy. And I appreciate all the experiences, good and bad, because all they do is build us up and strengthen us.

I hope your week went great and will continue to do so!!


Josh, I win for the bike wreck for sure if you just banged up your knee.  I got some nice air, a bike flip, bounced a couple of times and landed face first into a pile of dirt.  It's the one time I wish we'd had a GoPro Camera.  I got an 8 week concussion out of that as well.  At the same time, I'm so glad he's okay.  It's scary as a mom to be so far away, but I know he's being looked after by members, local leaders, up to their mission president.

 I was asked why the Church lets our missionaries ride crappy bikes and live in poor areas.  Shouldn't they have nice apartments and cars?  As a missionary, you live the same way the people in your country do.  No fancy apartments or expensive cars.  Or in some cases, not even a car depending on the country.  A lot of areas are bike missions and Josh says he covers a lot of area on a bike; up to 20 miles a day.  Living like the people do brings missionaries closer to those people they are in contact with every day.  It would be hard to touch people's lives any other way.