Friday, September 16, 2016

Arriving At MTC

Josh and Caley received their mission calls the same day.  Caley read her letter first and said she was going to the Osorno, Chile mission and left July 12 for the Mexico City MTC.  Josh had already scanned his ahead and had a funny look when she finished.  He read his letter and was going to the Rancagua, Chile mission reporting the same day.  They both hugged each other and we took pictures.

After that came sticker shock.  If you have kids planning on going on a mission start saving now.  With help from family we were able to purchase what we thought we needed.  A wonderful thank you to those who were so kind to help my kids go on missions.  

The hardest part about shopping?  Finding winter clothing in the middle of summer.  

This is the first email I received from Josh.  We sent Josh and Caley off at the Omaha airport at 3am July 12 2016.  Elise Lewin came with us.  

Hey mom, I made it safe, I´m having a wonderful time and the spirit here at the MTC is impeccable. I have never felt so much joy and love when being received like this. Funny story, an elder threw up on the plane. Made me laugh, anyway. I love you and Dad and I will contact you guys as soon as I get another chance. 

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