Friday, September 16, 2016

Solo uno semana y medio (Only a week and a half)

Hey everyone!! This week has been pretty typical as far as classwork, service projects (I am a champ at folding sheets), and gospel work. 

I guess I only have some stories and memories I forgot to tell you all about. The water in Mexico is not safe to drink. So the CCM (MTC) brings in water jugs that we put into machines that dispense the water. I have one in the apartment just like everyone else. The first time I tried replacing it was with Elder Hinton and Everett. We got the jug on and thought everything was great, we had clean water in our apartment. But when we woke up, the hallway was flooded because the jug had been leaking all night. 

Caley and I see each other every day and I always walk into her class to bug her district. 

This past Sunday was fast testimony, and I got to bless the sacrament for the first time in my life and the microphone was broken so I had to throw my voice across the room in spanish. It was great! We had the choice to bear our testimonies and I was the first one who went up. Unknown to me, I was being kind of silly and apparently I ran up there with joy (according to my district) and I decided to recognize my sister and tell I her I loved her in spanish and she was soooo embarrased. 

I had to pick a musical number for my district for this Sunday as we are leaving not this week, but sometime next week roughly. I chose ´´Jevantud de Israel¨ or Hope of Israel as this district is just that. They are so powerful, hopeful, desirous, and I know will wield the double-edged sword of truth and right. In the words of Elder Dannemen ´´Hoorah for Israel!!!!´´ 

I had the opportunity to see a live broadcast from the MTC Provo Devotional last night with the speaker being Elder Anderson of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles. It was his birthday as well. His words were wonderful and powerful. 

My time here at the CCM is coming to a close and I´m about to open a new chapter in this mission and go to Chile. My heart is full of joy and I am so grateful to be here and soon in Chile. I have made some awesome friends and have had some wonderful experiences. 

I can´t express how much this church is true and that it is the restored Gospel of Jesus Christ. The Atonement is infinitely powerful and brings so much happiness in my life. I´m grateful for the prophet today, Thomas S Monson, and his teachings. I also can´t emphasize the importance of prayer. Heavenly Father knows us, knows our struggles, and listens to our concerns, complaints, and our stories of faith and happiness. I know that we can recieve these sacred feelings through the Holy Ghost. I know that families can be together forever in the Celestial Kingdom of our Heavenly Father. If you ever have any doubt in your lives, kneel down in prayer, and express your needs to God, he WILL anwser your prayers. I love you all and I hope that you are having as a fantastic time as I am. Thank you for your support and love as I don´t think you realize how much it truly means to me. 


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