Friday, September 16, 2016

Second Week

Okay technically I started my 3rd week...

This week has been incredibly busy and very spiritual. My companion, Elder Everett, and I are finally teaching in spanish with some solid fluency. We don´t use our notes too often and we don´t rely on our dictionaries when we get lost in a sentence. Our grammar classes are long, tiring, and very engaging. Our instructors demand a lot of effort and the progress we as a district have made has been unreal. 

I see Caley just about every day as she is in the class down the hall. She looks like shes enjoying herself. During class yesterday, we played this game where we were told a name and when the instructor said the name, everyone would get out of their chairs, the instructor would take one away, and we would have to find a seat, the last person standing had to use the verb gustar in a compound question. The name given to me was called and I charged for a chair and accidentally laid out another sister missionary. Everyone died of laughter and we stopped playing soon after. Don´t worry shes okay, she won the chair. 

I had the opportunity to visit the Mexico City Temple and attend a session. What an awesome experience and I chose to do it all in spanish, which made the experience much more meaningful, but a lot harder to understand. I will attach pictures of the temple.

I love being in a position of leadership and the experiences I have gained from it. I have had the opportuninty to give blessings, teach at district meetings, and lead some very spiritual discussions. Last night, we had an Area 70 from the Mexico Area give a talk with his wife. He expressed how powerful our work as missionaries can be if we maintain exact obedience. I learned that phrase, exact obedience as soon as I was recieved by the CCM. I pondered its meaning, prayed about it, and read about obedience, at first I thought just stick to the schedule, but when Elder Salinas was giving his talk, I recieved a very strong impression about what exact obedience is. Exact obedience isn´t measured in time like on a schedule, its measured in effort. 

I love you all and being able to read emails from you is easily the best part of my week. I hope your weeks are pleasant and filled with joy. I´ll upload pictures soon, they will be shared on my drive so if you can´t see them, let me know and I will figure my life out.

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