Friday, September 16, 2016

Letter to Mom

Mom I am doing great out here, I`m exhausted, we probably ride 20 miles a day, probably more on our bikes, and trying to learn a new spanish is insane. People here don`t use their ´s´ all that much and dont enunciate. They mumble and speak so fast. But I have recieved many compliments from members and investigators here on how much I am already understanding for my first week. I hope I can keep it up.

Reality hit me at church the other day when I thought about how resentful I was to serve a mission and I look down at my tag and realize, holy crap I`m actually in Chile and my heart swelled up with happiness and comfort.
Through the spirit, and relying on Heavenly Father, I realized that I have nothing to worry about, despite my emotions trying to bring me down. I find myself saying, don`t worry, this will come little by little, with patience, and time. I really do love it here.

Bishop Kunz asked what Josh's favorite scripture was while on his mission.

As for a favorite scripture. 2 nephi 17, which I think says and my father, he dwelt in a tent¨ its about Lehi, and how he was chastized for his vision by his sons, but that verse proves that circumstances don`t matter, that anyone can recieve revelation and feel the spirit of the Lord, whether in a mansion, or in a tent in the wilderness.

When I asked how much Joshua gets for an allowance he sent me this.

I get 100 dollars a month for food, hygiene, and only needs. If I want to buy souveniers or whatever, clothes, its on me. It would help, I would like it, but I don`t need it. 

"Don't worry Mom.  I got this."  That's Josh's favorite thing to say.  Well, as we found out, he didn't. 

The bank he uses flagged his account when he used his card in Mexico City and sent me a new one.  When I talked to the bank they couldn't help me.  I'm not on the account and have no power of attorney to fix it.  He didn't tell the bank he was going to Chile for two years.  There's nothing I can do.

I went to my local bank and asked if I could set up an account with Josh as a user.  The lady said they needed his signature to be on it.  He's not here so that's not an option.  I can't believe that there's no way to send him money via an account.

I got a bill from Verizon wanting 1200 dollars to pay for his two phones and iPad.  He told me that he'd worked it out with Verizon to suspend the account but they misunderstood and thought he wanted to stop service.  Legally I have no obligation to pay the bill and again without power of attorney I can't even work out something with their billing.  It made me sick knowing I don't have 1200 dollars to pay it for him now.  Maybe with a tax refund next year. 


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