Tuesday, September 27, 2016


Yes!  Pictures!!! There are so many I don't know where to start!!!  Only a brother and sister could do this picture and not get in trouble.  I'm so glad they get to share a country, yet serve in their own areas.

This week just flew by, I had a wonderful week.

My spanish is starting to pick up a bit more as I am starting to understand more of the people, I can pretty much understand a lot of the members, but our investigators and some contacts are really difficult, but I am loving the challenge and all the frustrations that come with it. 

Saturday night we had a soccer game going and across the street was this man wielding a shovel screaming voy a matarte, look it up later, but he was mad as heck, thank goodness the churches here are armed to the teeth with walls and protection. 

I had my 5 week training at the mission home this week and it was awesome, I got to see some of the missionaries from the MTC in Mexico and they are all doing great and I loved seeing their bright smiling faces.
I got to mow a lawn again, but this time with a shovel, because he didnt have a lawnmower, and we were outside in the blazing hot, dry sun for 2 hours, but it turns out I can tan, so it was worth it. No but I love helping other people with hard labor. 

We gained two new investigators this week and I want to share with you the name of one of them. His name is Reiner Hernandez, he is this small, but strong chilaen guy, same age as me, and he is dating one of the members of a less active family, and let me tell you I live to see the spirit bear witness to people the truth of the gospel. We had a lesson on faith and to see his face light up with hope and thought moved me in a way that I can`t express except for the love I have him and his family. He`s going through a lot in his life and prayers of support for him would be awesome. 

I also had another great experience with a family who are not members except for their son who is and served a mission in Argentina, he is also our Ward Mission Leader. His family fed us lunch the other day and I had the opportunitity to share about the Atonement of Christ, as they did not know what this is. For those of you who are reading, its the sacrifice of Jesus Christ for our sins, an act of love and a part of God`s plan to redeem his children (us) so we can return to live with him one day. And I just love them so much and their kindness towards us, their family is wonderful and I cherish them like my own. The spirit of thier home is beyond anything I can describe and again, I live to see the spirit of God touch the hearts of others. 

Thank you for your support and love towards me and these people, I hope its not too cold where you are because I'm working on my second summer this year, one in the states, and one in Chile


This is Josh's missionary companion.  Now that I need his name, I can't find it.  He's from Brazil and speaks Portuguese and no English.  They have both struggled with communication skills together but are working things out.   


Thats funny (refering to my snake pokemon meme), my sense of humor has really opened up and I find myself being entertained by lots of things that would bore me, like kicking a flat soccer ball with one of the kids in a member family, their son Cristofer is like 5 years old and loves to play soccer, and everytime we walk into their store, we have to play a match, first to three, and I let him win obviously, but that would be annoying to me back at home, or how I spend time organizing things that are already neat. 

Mom the computers here are terrible, sufficient enough to send letters, but gosh I hope you get something that kicks butt. 

Here is Josh in front of the Mexico City Temple:

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