Friday, September 16, 2016

Leaving For Chile

I only have a few more days until I leave the CCM. I have had so many wonderful experiences, but I am ready to get out of here and find my way to Chile. 

I leave the CCM 630am on Monday and I won´t be at the mission home until at least 2am tuesday because we have like 10 hours of flying to do.

Elder Everett, my companion is our travel leader so we are just the dream team.

I don´t have to much to say, but I should have some more pictures hopefully.

I don´t know when my next Preparation day will be so for now, thank you for reading and supporting me.

Les amo mucho!​

Aug 23 2016

Hola, I'm actually in Talco outside of Rancagua, my first companion doesnt speak any English and there are stray dogs everywhere. I love it.  

My P-days are on Mondays. Anyway I don´t have much time. I love you all so much and please don´t worry about me. 


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